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21st Century Renaissance

Site Theme

Eventually, the site will trace the development of the Renaissance from, amongst others, Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus, Rembrandt, Shakespeare through to the 20th and 21st Centuries and Kate Bush, HP Lovecraft, Einstein, Clark Ashton Smith and the first manned exploration of the planet Mars.

In addition to celebrating scientific acheivements of all ages, the site will also focus on the arts and literature

Holbein's The Ambassadors

Currently, this site contains:
A 'Most' list of exceptionally good or bad achievements

A collection of images that have been modified in various ways. The site is built around a number of series of images such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Humour, Fashion, London, Celebrity, Stratford Upon Avon, Art, Morphs and Stone Circles

The Site is also decomposed into various image groups such as Rising Yen, Shining, Stonehenge, Famous, Painting, Couture and Domicile.

Highlights from the collection can be found by clicking on Best   A random sample can be found by clicking on Random   Alternatively, click on an album thumbnail below to see the images in that album. Or hover over the thumbnail to see the number of images in that album.

Series Image Albums
Humour (36 Images) Fashion (22 Images) London (110 Images) Celebrity (16 Images) Stratford (37 Images) Art (15 Images) Fun (29 Images) Places (219 Images) Office (51 Images) Posters (9 Images) Morphs (18 Images) Stones (56 Images) Eclipse (12 Images) S and C (28 Images) Watercolour (40 Images) Misc (28 Images) Battersea (94 Images) Hampstead (93 Images) Star Wars (30 Images) Star Trek (3 Images) LOTR (20 Images) Strange (25 Images)

Group Image Albums
Dolphin (13 Images) Shining (16 Images) Stonehenge (17 Images) Famous (28 Images) Painting (7 Images) Couture (52 Images) Rising Yen (68 Images) Bollard (23 Images) Etc (4 Images) Septica (3 Images) SIM (9 Images) Ivory (22 Images) Location (376 Images) Fantasy (4 Images) Domicile (23 Images) RSC (17 Images) Ueshiba (20 Images) Cocoa (10 Images) PP (7 Images) Swiss (204 Images) Cheese (13 Images) Fish (7 Images)

The collection is broken down into these Series
Lighthearted: Humour 
Fashion: Fashion 
London: London 
Celebrity: Celebrity 
Stratford-upon-Avon: Stratford-upon-Avon 
Art: Art 
Fun: Fun 
Places: Places 
Office: Office 
Poster (various edits): Posters 
Morphs (of people into monsters, etc): Morphs 
Stones (including Stonehenge and Avebury): Stones 
Eclipse (August 1999 in the UK): Eclipse 
S and C: S and C 
Watercolour: Watercolour 
Misc (everything else): Misc 
Battersea, London (not just the power station and Peace Pagoda): Battersea 
Hampstead, West London: Hampstead 
Star Wars (various superimpositions): Star Wars 
Star Trek (various superimpositions): Star Trek 
Lord of the Rings (various superimpositions): Lord of the Rings 
Slash and Strange (real life stills and videos): Slash and Strange 

And these groups
Dolphin: Dolphin 
Shining: Shining 
Stonehenge: Stonehenge 
Famous People: Famous People 
Painting: Paintings 
Couture: Couture 
Rising Yen: Rising Yen 
Bollard: Bollard 
Etc (everything else): Etc 
Septica: Septica 
SIM: Sim 
Ivory: Ivory 
Location: Location 
Fantasy (mainly effects): Fantasy 
Domicile: Domicile 
Royal Shakespeare Company: Royal Shakespeare Company 
Ueshiba: Ueshiba 
Cocoa: Cocoa 
Swiss: Swiss 
Cheese and Wine: Cheese and Wine 
Fish: Fish 


Most inappropriately named hotel: 'The Big Sleep Hotel' In Cheltenham, England? - because in Raymond Chandler's novel 'The Big Sleep' meant 'Death'. 'Death Hotel' is not the best of names for a hotel. Even worse than the Bates Motel.

Most contriving plotter of detective novels: Agatha Christie? Because of her overly complicated plots with cardboard characters. Still, there's no arguing with success.

Most inspired fictional detective: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes or should that be Edgar Allan Poe's Dupin? Both inhabit a dark, credible world.

Most underrated Science Fiction writers: H P Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith? For highly imaginative stories from the 1930s.

Most hiliarious science fiction comedy: Stanislav Lem's The Cyberiad? So much more inspired than the later Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Most underrated play by Shakespeare: Cymbeline?

Most pointless remake of a film: Solaris (2003) Why bother doing this when Tarkovsky's 1972 original was so very good?

Most impressive monster horror film for its day: Original King Kong with Fay Wray?

Most inspired post war British comedian: Tony Hancock?

Most ineptly designed theatre: Elizabeth Scott's 1932 (and still standing) Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, England?

Total pages on site: 2,111 !
Last updated: Tuesday 13th March 2007
Obsolete pages (AE series) (if you link to any of these please update to the new version (AF series) instead as the obsolete ones will soon be deleted): Obsolete pages